LINAK has been developing and manufacturing electric actuators for more than 30 years. When you choose LINAK you choose a partner who is flexible, easy to work with and who uses precision engineering and safety as hallmarks.

At LINAK, we focus on our core competence production of actuator systems. While other companies may have a division that produces actuators LINAK is solely focused on actuator systems. Because actuators are all we do, we are the industry experts.

LINAK offers standard and customized, plug and play, actuator systems available in 12, 24 and 36V DC. The LINAK product line includes linear actuators with lifting capacities up to 2698 lb (12,000 N), lifting columns with height adjustments up to 67 in (1705 mm), control units featuring electronic overload protection, handsets, and a wide range of accessories to be sold separately or as a system.

The LINAK product range is divided into four segments:
1) MEDLINE & CARELINE systems for the hospital and care business
2) HOMELINE systems for companies producing comfort furniture
3) DESKLINE systems offer products dedicated to desk manufacturers
4) TECHLINE systems appeal to the interests of industrial manufacturers

LINAK has over 30 engineers and knowledgeable sales people, based in the U.S., available to answer questions and help incorporate product into your application. Armed with extensive application and product know-how, we will work with you to find a solution. Only your imagination sets the limits.