LIFEFORM manufactures office seating and wood furniture for the modern office environment. Founded in 1976, LIFEFORM engineers incorporated principles instilled by the generations before them. For five generations, the Mortensen family has been handcrafting furniture of the finest quality. During that time, they have proven their solid understanding of what it takes to build a great chair:
• Sumptuous leather
• Sturdy fabrics
• Precise stitching
• Exquisite detailing
• The best available components
• Uncompromising craftsmanship
• An emphasis on ergonomics.
• And, an unrelenting willingness to stand behind every chair we build.
  Built into each of our chairs are some striking advancements in the science of office ergonomics. Each is engineered to prevent and alleviate back pain, neck stiffness, shoulder tension and body fatigue.